It has been over two years since my last post…

Growing older comes with a nice benefit: things become clearer, easier also. Knowing what truly drives you, beyond the veil of expectations, insecurities and limitations, is truly liberating.

I look around and I see many people who are stuck, stuck in a system that doesn’t truly support their quality of life. Reflecting upon those things that truly matter has helped me pinpoint the issues we are struggling with.

Helping those who are stuck and improve the quality of our lives by upgrading that system for the better, that’s the journey I embarked on.

Where the journey brought me and what’s ahead

It led to”Roadmap to Utopia”, a 300 page book I wrote that takes you on a journey. A journey to show you how work and money impacts us, why we are stuck and above all show you there are many ways to get one step closer to Utopia: a place where our economy serves our well-being and quality of life.

It also brought me on stage, one of them being TEDxGhent.

Together, we can cure capitalism

One person’s voice can reach far but more voices go further. That’s why we are building a Happonomy speaker network of people who have interesting stories to tell about work, money and technology on the one hand and happiness on the other hand.

We crafted a workshop for organizations who are looking to bring an upgrade to the quality of life of all involved, improving business results at the same time. We worked together with the University of Ghent to drive scientific research forward and we organize monthly lunch meetups.

That’s a great start by any standards – it all starts with awareness – but that’s what it is, a start.

The Second Chapter

It is time to move from awareness to implementation. There is no need to wait. Technology is here to help us move forward and turn knowledge into reality.

For a long time, I have been working on a software tool called Tribeforce. Its goal? Increase the joy that people can have in working and at the same time increase the performance of our organizations.

Meaningful work with people we appreciate, where we can learn and grow is a tremendous catalyst for a high-quality life.Unfortunately, we have come to a point where the current version of our economic system increasingly hinders this potential for joy and happiness. That’s where Tribeforce comes in. My goal is to upgrade the why of work in organisations, at the same time empowering organisations to be more flexible and more effective.

I have hit several road blocks, but one thing life taught me is that perseverance trumps bad luck or mistakes made in the past. The good news is, we are ready to go. As I’m writing this, the first organizations are being onboarded.

Needless to say I’m truly excited about the journey ahead. A journey of building a meaningful organisation with people I appreciate in a role where I’ll be able to grow my skills and use my talents.

That’s part 1.

Unfortunately that’s not enough. There is a second part we need to tackle, rather sooner than later. Globalisation and automation makes more and more people insecure and rightly so. The reason for that insecurity is simple: we have linked work and money. Take the work away and people suffer.

The solution many have in mind is a basic income. That’s where I want to make a meaningful contribution by driving a dynamic happiness income into the world. It’s my goal to build a system that offers people the financial resources to live a high-quality happy life.

Within the Happonomy community we have started with the development of the first part of the IT infrastructure to achieve this. It’s ambitious yes but I’m strengthened by the idea that there is no failure: either we’ll succeed or we’ll have learnt something.

The journey continues… Forward!





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