Connecting the dots. Happonomy

How the dots in life connect backwards and brought me where I need to be.

The road less travelled…

I have always been curious about people and why they do what they do. In my early endeavors I have learnt first hand that the perspective we have on life determines our choices and the way we shape our reality.

We aspire a happy, high quality life. Depending on the way we look at life and where we are born, we take different roads and set different priorities.

As we live, we sometimes come to the conclusion some of these roads are roadblocked and when we hit a road block, we change course. Life has given me the opportunity to see these pitfalls early in life. I am grateful, even if some of them hurt a lot.

The road we are on today…

It struck me how much our economy today is the leading system in which we shape our society. I have seen the distress more and more people are living in, running from war, climate or stuck in societal system that increases inequality. I was also lucky to having experienced first hand the impact money has on people and myself. I’m convinced it is high time to rethink and rebalance our priorities.

Our current system has brought us forward but is currently morphing into something that none of us, not even the rich, truly want. It seems we have forgotten the idea that our systems should create prosperity, not that people should suffer to keep systems intact.

A single step is the part of a thousand mile journey…

Having had the chance to ponder the question “What do I need in life to be happy” many times over, I’m convinced we can upgrade our societal systems so we can thrive.

Technology can support us in crafting the circumstances for a wonderful life. There are only two things that we need to ensure: help people to understand what they find important in their lives and remodel our economic system so it fits our most important needs.

Let that be exactly what a group of people, myself included are aspiring in a project dubbed Happonomy, Happiness and economy in one simple word. It encompasses the things life has taught us and drives a plan to upgrade our world, not by destroying what exists but upgrading what we have.

Take a look at, you might like it ;-)

2 thoughts on “Connecting the dots. Happonomy”

  1. Hallo, ik ben momenteel uw boek aan het lezen. Ik wou u echt feliciteren voor uw werk. Een bijna eeuwige vraag maar die vandaag nog en meer dan ooit actueel is.
    De aanpak in uw boek is positief en respectvol. Ik hoop echt dat de groep Happonomy met de tijd vruchten gaat dragen. Ik heb me ondertussen ingeschreven op uw site. Vriendelijke groeten. Xavier.

    • Bedankt voor het compliment Xavier. Er gebeurt heel wat ondertussen: onderzoek, lunches, workshops, een sprekersnetwerk, software-ontwikkeling… Als je op de hoogte wilt blijven van wat er reilt en zeilt is lid worden van de site het makkelijkst. Je kunt als je dat zou willen ook ons Happonomy Slack kanaal vervoegen, indien je dat wilt, geef een seintje dan nodig ik je uit.


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